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David Delgado

Burnout Coach | Integrative Health Practitioner

David Delgado is an Integrative Health Practitioner who helps patients reclaim their health when little else has worked by identifying their underlying root causes, rebalancing the body and mind, and educating them on how to honor their bio-individuality.

He combines the best of state-of-the-art functional medicine, Ayurveda, emotional healing, and other modalities to guide clients in a truly “wholistic” fashion towards vitality and wellbeing.

While he works with a wide range of clients, he specializes in those with chronic brain fog, chronic fatigue, and other stress induced, burnout-like conditions.

David was called to the natural health field after spending years trying to uncover the cause of his crippling brain fog and chronic fatigue, but not finding help in conventional medicine. His healing journey propelled him to study functional medicine, epigenetics, lab testing, biohacking, subconscious mind rewiring, and other forms of mind-body medicine.

After balancing his body, he became certified by the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute (L2) and aims to offer the kind of multifaceted care that he wish he had when he was trying to get well so others don’t have to spend years connecting the dots.

Apart from coaching, he hopes to spread the message of integrative health and personal transformation through courses, videos, and other training programs to empower people to take back their health and wellbeing.

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David Delgado



B.A.Marketing: George Washington University
Integrative Health Practitioner Institute Level 2


English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese

Fun fact:

Used to be a Professional Skateboarder

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