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Alexa Davila

Physical Therapist Assistant

Alexa Davila grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where she discovered a love for movement and music at an early age. As an active kid who tried just about every sport/activity imaginable she grew a deep appreciation for the technical and in-depth movements behind the athletic body. This brought her to The Pennsylvania State University where she studied Biology & Behavioral Health. Eventually, she would go on to further her studies at The California University of PA to ultimately obtain a career in Physical Therapy, as a PTA. Across PA, NJ, and NY she has worked in a variety of outpatient settings and has previously treated performers and dancers.

Understanding the body and the way it moves has always been of interest and importance to Lex. When she moved to NYC in 2017 she was in search of community and found Group Fitness. She has taught group fitness classes at various studios throughout NYC and trains both privately and at corporate events. Her workouts are fun, upbeat, challenging, and effective. She tailors her classes to her specific clients to create a unique approach to fitness. She continues to practice Physical Therapy and specializes in Sculpt, Strength, Mobility, and HIIT group classes, as well as private training.

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Alexa Davila



Biology & Behavioral Health, Pennsylvania State University
Physical Therapy, California University of PA



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