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Nourished by nature

When you lead a busy life or are recovering from injury, it’s difficult to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. To ensure you’re making the right dietary decisions for your body, our clinical nutritionist can evaluate your current diet and teach you how to eat intelligently, according to your unique physiology.

Preeti Pusalkar
Preeti Pusalkar

Preeti Pusalkar, CNS is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. She has extensive training in not only nutrition but also in anti-aging medicine. With her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and over twelve years of in-clinic experience, Preeti has in-depth knowledge treating a variety of nutrition cases, from post-illness recovery to weight loss. Her dietary recommendations focus on nutrient-dense and pro-metabolic foods, medicinal superfoods, and dietary supplementation. Preeti uses an integrative approach to develop a personalized plan tailored to each patient’s unique physiology.

How you’ll work with our nutritionist

After an in-depth health assessment and reviewing tests, our clinical nutritionist will tailor a nutrition program to meet your personal needs. The integrative approach combines nutrient-dense, pro-metabolic foods suited to your physiology, as well as medicinal superfoods and dietary supplementation, where needed.

How it Works


With the help of our in house physicians and nutritionists we can evaluate your micronutrient tests, in order to get an accurate analysis of your body’s deficiencies. Micronutrient tests measure the function of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids within white blood cells.

Nutraceuticals + supplements

Most nutrient programs at Hudson Wellness incorporate medical foods, supplements, and certain vitamins as part of your treatment program. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, dietary supplementation can offer a practical solution for remedying nutritional deficiencies.

Why supplements?

Many treatments with conventional medications can produce imbalances in physiological systems in the body (i.e. - antibiotics or pain medications). Supplements can help correct some of these deficiencies, limit potential side effects, and may assist in balancing and maintaining overall health and wellness.

Customized, comprehensive + medically-supervised

Every treatment program is customized to a patient’s profile, and medically-tuned based on lab work, nutritional status, coexisting diseases and medications, and overall state of health. These treatments are medically-supervised and will often involve the nutritionist, medical doctors, other specialists, as needed.

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