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Gold Standard for Body Composition Assessment

The Body Composition DEXA scan allows for the highly precise measurement of fat mass, lean mass, and bone mineral mass which is advantageous to a wide array of clinical applications ranging from athletic training modification to weight loss management. The DEXA scan is appropriate for the average person who is curious about their body composition, for athletes trying to measure the effectiveness of their training or optimizing their body composition, or for individuals beginning their weight loss journey.

The DEXA scan report we provide can help individuals understand how athletic training, nutrition and other interventions affect their overall body composition and can enable them to fine-tune their approach to their goals. If used incrementally, DEXA scans can highlight changes in body composition to depict a more accurate assessment of interventions on fat and muscle content.

Your Results & Follow Ups

Your DEXA body composition report will give you:

- Visual image of the precise location of bone, lean mass and fat mass.
- Plot of % body fat compared to your age group.
- Precise fat mass, lean mass and % body fat measurements of each area.

Follow-ups largely depends on an individual’s goals and intentions around their health, which are different for everyone. For example, if your goals are short-term and relatively drastic (lose 5% body fat in 3 months), it’s smart to schedule a DEXA scan every 6-8 weeks.

Who should get it?

You should get a DEXA Body Composition Scan if you are:

On a weight loss journey. DEXA helps you monitor your weight loss progress. An initial baseline scan lets you see exactly where you are when you start and then track how much body fat they are actually losing, and how much muscle you are gaining.
Body Building. Bodybuilders on a bulk or a cut, want information on how much muscle they are actually gaining during a bulk, or how much muscle they are losing on a cut. Getting a DEXA scan lets you see how effective a bulk or cut is in adding muscle. It can also help you learn what works for your body, and help dial-in your routine and your macros.
Atheltes & Fitness Enthusiasts. Athletes often use DEXA scans to pick up muscle asymmetries between their left and right sides. Muscle imbalances asymmetries are often caused when our sport causes us to favor one side, or when we use improper form that makes our dominant side do more work. These asymmetries throw weight distribution off, cause muscle miscoordination, and create unnatural stresses that lead to injury.
General Wellness. Use DEXA scans to get a baseline measurement of fat, muscle, and bone lets you see where you are and track changes over time. We often lose muscle and bone mass as we age, particularly in the core, and legs. This puts us at greater risk of injury. Having a baseline measurement and tracking changes over time helps identify concerning trends and lets you take preventative action early.

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