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Fully Comprehensive Healing Program at Hudson Wellness

The C.A.M.P. program is a fully comprehensive approach to healing.

C.A.M.P. patients are eligible to receive four curated wellness services in one single session, unlike most practices that offer appointments with only one individual treatment.

This program includes:

New Service Highlight:

Women's Health Program

Wellness for every stage of your life

At Hudson Wellness, we provide quality healthcare to address women’s health problems and concerns. Our providers have vast experience working with women in all stages of life. Our Wellness team works together to provide our patients with comprehensive holistic treatment plans. Whether you are looking for prenatal or postpartum support, fertility support, or general wellness, we offer personalized services that can fit your unique needs.

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The benefits of wellness

Fully comprehensive

Our diverse group of doctors and medical disciplines can address every aspect of your health.

Trusted by your doc

Incorporates traditional and preventative medicine,
holistic healing, nutrition, and more.

Insurance approved

All plans are affordable and designed to save you from expensive procedures down the line.

Clean and comfortable

Feel at ease in our wellness sanctuary that’s clean, calming, and beautifully designed.

Part of your routine

We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that easily fits into your schedule.

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Complete wellness programs

1-on-1 Consultation
1-on-1 Consultation Private consultation to discuss to your wellness goals.
Made to measure care
Made to measure care A wellness plan that’s
designed just for you.
Hand-holding included
Hand-holding included Support and encouragement,
every step of the way.
or call us (646) 882-6278 Same day appointments available.

More than just wellness

From pain management to neurology, we have 15 Board Certified doctors, across 15 disciplines to help you with all your healthcare needs.

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“This is how medicine should be practiced.”

Outstanding and extremely professional practice. This is how medicine should be practiced.

Other NYC health care providers could learn a lot from this office. Attention to detail, quality care, and customer service at a level higher than I have seen in a very long time.

- Thomas L., Zocdoc

“I cannot say enough positive things”

“I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences at Hudson Wellness. It has changed my life. Bringing together east meets west is clearly the future of health and wellness and these guys are leading the charge in that direction. They are really the best of the best — everything from the music, the energy, the decor, and the people you meet, is world class, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

- Carter C., Yelp


“I’m shocked at how non typical this place is, its not a Physical Therapy / Chiro / Acupuncture / Massage Therapy place… its a spa meets private doctor’s office! Not only is it nice, clean, and calm – but also the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.”

- Kenisa P., Yelp

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