Regenexx at Hudson Health

Hudson Health Partners with Regenexx

We are proud to announce that Hudson Medical has joined the Regenexx network to offer an advanced therapeutic alternative to orthopedic surgery.

Our doctors have been fully certified by the National Regenerative Medicine Institute—the most advanced musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine organization in the world. With this training, Hudson offers its patients the latest, proven treatments, continuing our dedication to be leaders in regenerative medicine.


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What is Regenexx?

A network of first-in-class physicians trained in Regenexx’s unrivaled stem cell treatment process and technology.

Although stem cell treatments can be used to battle a variety of medical issues, the Regenexx network is solely focused on administering stem cells to heal orthopedic injuries.

The Regenexx at Hudson Health Approach

At Hudson Medical + Wellness, restoration is our first priority. Unlike other orthopedic schools of thought, we believe that with the right treatments, your body can heal without adding additional trauma from reconstructive surgeries.

Our reparative procedures are designed to rehabilitate damaged tissue so that you can get back to your active lifestyle, without being sidelined by surgery for months on end.

Working with advanced restorative medicine, we transcend the limitations of your body’s structure by extracting healing cells from either your blood (for platelet-rich plasma treatment) or your bone marrow (for stem cell treatment). We then process these cells, concentrate them, and use our imaging technology to inject them directly into the injured area of your body. Because the injected cells are sourced directly from your own body, this treatment is incredibly safe.

Are you a candidate for Regenexx?

To take the next step and find out whether you are a candidate for our next-generation regenerative procedures, fill out the contact form below, and we will be in touch with you to help walk you through the next steps.

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