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What is the Brain Health Program?

Hudson Medical + Wellness Brain Health Program is a 360-degree personalized program is tailored to optimize your brain, improve physical wellness, and encourage purposeful living.

With a healthy head on your shoulders, you can live a much longer and happier life.

Our Approach

Our skilled Brain Health team, lead by Dr. Thomas Pitts, makes use of the most advanced techniques in integrative care to treat and properly diagnose a wide range of common and complex neurological conditions. Many diseases can be diagnosed even before signs and symptoms appear, and our goal is for early detection and prevention as part of our care that can restore and preserve total overall health.

Some of the goals of our program are:

+ Help you maintain focus

+ Help increase your productivity

+ Decrease anxiety

+ Manage stress

+ Clear brain fog

+ Improve sleep quality

+ Help increase motivation

+ Improve short-term & long-term memory

+ Overall brain upgrade

About our tests:

+ eVox System– The eVox System measures memory loss biomarkers that may aid physicians in identifying the root cause of memory loss, detecting memory loss & MCI sooner, and performing a differential diagnosis.

+ BrainCheck – The BrainCheck is a Computerized Cognitive Assessment Aid, a prescription device that uses your score(s) on a battery of cognitive tasks to provide an interpretation of your current level of cognitive function.

Our Brain Health Program is composed of 4 different assessments:

Medical review
Medical review You will be in a consultation with Dr. Pitts to review your health and medical history including family medical history, with an emphasis on neurology.
BrainCheck analysis
BrainCheck analysis Using the BrainCheck test, we will be assessing your short-term memory loss and creating an appropriate follow-up and treatment plan.
eVox assessment
eVox assessment We will use the eVox system to assess your brain function and identify the root cause of memory loss. It can identify cognitive impairment and memory loss sooner and perform a differential diagnosis of depression vs. dementia.
Nutrition & Lifestyle assessment
Nutrition & Lifestyle assessment Our qualified nutritionists will oversee the data above and devise a BrainHealth nutrition guide for you to help you eliminate brain fog and fatigue while boosting your mental system through nutritional analysis and give you an individualized nutritional plan.

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