Steroid injections

What are steroid injections?

When joint pain does not resolve in a reasonable amount of time or with more conservative treatment methods (such as medication, physical therapy, rest, etc), an injection of medication directly into the joint is often recommended. A steroid injection contains a local anesthetic (for immediate pain relief) and a corticosteroid (for decreasing inflammation, swelling, and for long term pain relief).

Who is a good candidate for steroid injections?

If you have pain stemming from joint inflammation and have not seen relief from more conservative treatment methods, a joint injection may be right for you.


Steroid injections are frequently used to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Steroid injections can be made in the following areas:

How steroid injections work

With a steroid injection, a needle is inserted directly into the joint and medicine is injected into the area. The local anesthetic helps with immediate pain relief, while the corticosteroid helps decrease inflammation, swelling, and provides longer-term pain relief. The procedure typically takes 20 minutes and is followed by a short period of observed recovery time.

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