Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine

Non-surgical treatment alternatives for orthopedic pain.

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Advanced Alternatives to Surgery

In recent years, scientists and doctors have made tremendous advances in restorative medicine, making it an innovative treatment option for many diseases and disorders.

At Hudson Medical + Wellness, we are proud to be at the forefront of the field of restorative medicine. Our restorative medicine program was developed to give our patients access to the most advanced treatment options while providing safe and effective care.

Here at Hudson Medical + Wellness, our Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine Program includes the following therapies:

Our Approach

At Hudson Medical + Wellness, our regenerative orthopedics are designed to repair damaged tissues and get you back to your active lifestyle—without the setback of surgery.

With orthopedic regenerative medicine, we bypass the anatomic limitations of the body by extracting healing cells from either the blood—in the case of platelet-rich plasma—or the bone marrow. We then process these autologous products, concentrate them, and use our imaging technology to inject them directly into an area of degeneration or injury. It's important to emphasize that no medications are used for this procedure, and the injected product comes from a patient’s own body.

Payment Plan Options

Hudson Medical is committed to making our treatment accessible and affordable to as many patients as possible. We offer several financing programs. Our team will work alongside you to navigate the costs associated with our treatments.

For more information, schedule a call with our Patient Service Representatives to speak about financing options.

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