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Hudson Medical prides itself for having one of the most experienced and innovative pain management teams in New York. Our team is dedicated to treating acute and chronic pain, and treats a variety of conditions ranging from herniated discs, back, neck, and joint pain, to the most complex pain syndromes. We coordinate treatment plans with our other specialties to provide the most comprehensive care for your conditions.

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When you’re in pain, you want help right away, and we make sure you get it. With our team of experienced, board-certified anesthesiologists and physiatrists who have completed Fellowship programs in pain management on staff at all times, we are able to offer imaging under local or light anesthesia and minimally invasive, same-day treatments to relieve your pain without unnecessary medications or long waits.

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Our approach

Hudson Medical’s experience is extensive with hundreds of patients seen each day for back, neck, joint pain, and more. Our goal with every patient is to find the source of your pain, treat the symptoms, and help you recover. We provide the latest treatments such as x-ray or ultrasound directed nerve blocks and injections, radiofrequency ablations, spinal cord stimulations, and kyphoplasties for vertebral fractures. We also provide a comprehensive Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatment Program for degenerative joint and spinal conditions.

In addition to pain management, we specialize in rehabilitation, neurology, regenerative medicine, spine surgery, and orthopedic care, providing a full suite of expertise and treatment for your unique needs. To provide the best ways to treat your pain, we also coordinate care with our Wellness Center for complementary techniques like physical therapy and acupuncture or for nutritional counseling.



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Lumbar Radiculopathy

We specialize in hard-to-treat conditions like lumbar radiculopathy, a condition more commonly known as sciatica. This condition, characterized by lower back pain resulting from pressure on the root of the sciatic nerve, may come from herniated discs, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, or other degenerative disorders. Symptoms usually include pain, numbness, and weakness in the hip, leg, and buttock.

Radiofrequency Ablation

We offer radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for chronic or acute pain. RFA works by sending electrical currents from radio waves to small areas of nerve tissue. Patients usually have less pain for six to 12 months following treatment, but relief can last for years. RFA is effective for treating chronic joint pain caused by degenerative arthritis and pain in the lower back and neck. Around 70% of patients treated with RFA experience a reduction in pain.

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