Disc pain – extruded

What are extruded discs?

Extruded discs, a specific form of disc herniation, is one reason patients experience back pain. The lower back, or lumbar, is the most common area for extruded discs because of the torque and stress put on it throughout the day.

What causes extruded discs?

While the body’s natural aging process is the primary cause of disc extrusion, there are many additional factors that can spur disc extrusion or speed its onset, including:

  • Sudden injuries, traumas or accidents
  • The repetition of strenuous movements
  • Improperly lifting heavy objects
  • A blow to the back
  • Sudden twisting
  • Smoking
  • Malnutrition
  • Excess weight or obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • Rapidly sitting or standing, especially in elderly adults
  • Genetic predisposition or congenital complication


An extruded disc may cause acute pain and stiffness in the back, while a more severely injured disc can induce pain or numbness. This pain may be felt in the back or may radiate down the legs. For those with spinal cord nerve damage from an extruded disc, sharp pain is likely.


The good news is this condition is both treatable and preventable.

For those who do not see relief from rest and NSAIDS, surgery may be required to relieve pressure and remove the disc fragment. Microdiscectomy surgery is a common, minimally-invasive procedure to treat those with this severity of extruded disc.

Treatments (cont.)

To prevent disc injury, proper posture is recommended. Additionally, a balanced diet rich in calcium will strengthen discs. Regular weight-bearing exercise is good for the structural frame, and core exercises to strengthen the abdomen and lower back are a great spinal degeneration prevention tool.


Various treatments are available for the treatment of Disc pain – extruded.

Procedures / Surgeries

Below are various procedures available for the treatment of Disc pain – extruded.


Various medications are available for the treatment of Disc pain – extruded.

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