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All of our doctors are Board Certified, Fellowship-trained, and experts in their fields. They’re also kind, compassionate, and fully dedicated to your care. We accept most insurances and we work with your plan to provide the most cost effective treatments.

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“By far my most positive experience”

"I've seen many doctors, and this is by far my most positive experience. This team is quick, efficient and kind. The office is clean, has a whole wall of windows, and the doctor took her time to understand and find the best way to treat me."

- Jenna R., Brooklyn NYC

“I don”

"Without Dr. Kuo, the other doctors, and his staff, I don't think I'd be doing nearly half as well as I am today. I'm so grateful for finding Hudson Spine & Pain when I did."

- Heather K., Yelp

“Friendly staff and doctors”

Hudson Medical has a very professional atmosphere with friendly staff and doctors who obviously care about helping people in pain.

- Kyle F., ZocDoc

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