What Happens During a DEXA Scan?

What Happens During a DEXA Scan?

On the day of your DEXA scan, you may eat meals as normal, though we may advise you to not take calcium supplements for up to 48 hours before your procedure. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be easily removed, and avoid clothing with metal parts such as zippers, buttons, and belts. After you arrive at our facility for your DEXA scan, we will ask you to change into a gown to wear during the procedure and to remove any jewelry, glasses, and dental appliances that may interfere with the X-ray scans.

The DEXA scan usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes, though the total amount of time you may spend at our facility will be 60 minutes. This will include the time you spend changing clothing and discussing the results of your scan with our doctors and nutritionists.

The DEXA scan procedure is relatively simple. After you have changed into your gown, we will help you lie on your back on a padded table with your legs straight in front of you. We will ask you to remain still and hold your breath at specific times while the machines scan your body.

One scanning machine will pass over your hips and the lower part of your spine, while the other scanning machine will pass below you. The images from both scanning machines will be combined and displayed on a screen so we can examine results and discuss them with you following your procedure.

To learn more about whether a DEXA scan is ideal for you, make an appointment with one of our providers at Hudson Wellness. Our team at Hudson Wellness has extensive experience with this unique service and can discuss its benefits in greater detail during your appointment.

Contact us today at 646-882-6278 to schedule a consultation or request a consultation online. Our wellness providers remain on standby to answer your questions about our many wellness services.





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