The Little Beet Table

The Little Beet Table

Nestled in the heart of the Gramercy flat iron district (On 24th and Park Ave) The Little Beet Table is not a one of a kind restaurant but it does have a few unique things it boasts of.

First and foremost, it is a gluten free patrons delight. From sides like crispy sushi rice to Organic Quinoa with spiced pear it offers enough variety for someone who is trying to avoid the so called enemy “Gluten” …isn’t everyone on a gluten free kick these days?

A Farm to table restaurant

Secondly it is a Farm to table restaurant and serves a great grass fed burger as well as a sustainably farmed salmon with a wild nettle pistou. Can somebody tell me why they are serving sustainably farmed fish instead of wild? However, the salmon was cooked perfectly and seasoned just enough to preserve the taste of the fish itself.

For my main course I opted for the organic chicken… I must say it was by far the best chicken I have ever eaten at a restaurant. It was served with two sad looking radishes that are not even worth mentioning. I also tried the tostada and sweet pea guacamole – the guacamole is delicious but the tostada was disappointing. You would think they would try to use baked chips or something healthier as an alternative to corn tortilla chips.

Healthy peach apple crumble

Last but not the least the dessert was definitely worth a try. A peach apple crumble, it was a healthier version of an apple strudel, that looked like a crème brûlée and was topped with vanilla ice cream. Again great for someone who is trying to be gluten free and looking for alternatives to the traditional extra sweet chocolate treats.

To sum it up I would give it 4 stars and not 5 only because although the food succeeds in flavor and variety, it does need some additional work on the menu in terms of actually making it healthier and more affordable. Definitely worth visiting for their vegetarian fare though!

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