Running Gait Analysis Program

Running Gait Analysis Program

Do you ever have pain after running or while you’re going for a run? Do you want to improve your running gait? Do you want to be able to continue running without worrying about future injuries?

If you have ever answered yes to one or more of these questions, our Running Gait Analysis Program may be right for you. At Hudson Wellness, we continuously develop programs to serve our patients optimally and help them lead healthier, more functional lives. Read on to learn more about our new Running Gait Analysis Program.

What Are the Components of the Hudson Wellness Running Gait Analysis Program?

Our Running Gait Analysis Program provides structured and comprehensive gait analysis and running gait analysis, as well as custom-tailored treatment and development.

Step One: Initial Consultation

When you enroll in our Running Gait Analysis Program, we will conduct an initial intake consultation. In that conversation, we will ask if you are having any current pain with running or if you have had any running-related injuries in the past. We will also discuss whether you are actively reaching your running goals and if you have any running goals you would like to achieve in the future.

Step Two: Evaluation and Analysis

After the interview, we will go through a screening to check for various aspects of your mobility, stability, load transfers, angles, and alignment. We will then perform a gait analysis using our specialized technology, including a state-of-the-art app and cameras that take measurements from more than one plane while you walk and run on a treadmill.

Our technology helps us identify any areas for improvement, which may make a significant change in your overall movement efficiency. We will review this gait analysis with you and break your movements down into slow motion so that you can visualize your gait and understand your opportunities for improvement. This comprehensive evaluation will inform ways in which you can become a better runner.

Step Three: Treat and Develop

After our consultation and detailed analysis, we will work with you to develop a treatment and development plan. Our plan will hone in on any personal injury history or areas of dedicated focus and also integrate our global and local findings. We will also pay keen attention to details such as running orthotics or shoe wear that might be ideal for your gait.

Our program incorporates multiple, varying exercises, including mobility training, balance training, dynamic balance exercises, and focused Pilates. In conjunction with our chiropractors, we also integrate chiropractic care for periodic adjustments to regain your body’s balance from daily stress and the impact of running. These adjustments help strengthen and improve your performance (and this collaboration, in particular, sets us apart from other running clinics).

How to Learn More about the Hudson Wellness Running Gait Analysis Program

If you are interested in learning more about our Running Gait Analysis Program, hit the ground running today by scheduling a consultation with one of our Wellness providers at (646) 882-6278.

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