No two pounds are alike. Hudson Medical tells us why.

No two pounds are alike. Hudson Medical tells us why.

Being overweight and being obese have the same unfair negative connotation. While obesity is based on an excess of body fat regardless of weight, overweightness is primarily based on a population average for heights and body frame sizes.

The bottom line? Stepping on the scale every morning to check your weight isn’t an accurate marker of gaining or losing weight.

Dr. Jean-Pierre (JP) at Hudson Medical agrees.

“If the options are check on a scale for your weight which fluctuates based on what you eat, how much you sweat, stuff like that, versus an actual measurement of the amount of fat you have in your body, there is nothing more accurate than the DXA scan,” said Dr. JP.

Not typically offered outside the hospital setting, the dual X-ray absorptiometry, or DXA scan serves as the gold standard for body fat testing, and is offered currently at Hudson Spine.

“[It] allows for people looking for weight loss goals to target specifically and track their progress in terms of weight loss and fat loss a lot more accurately, and provides an accurate measure of body parts in terms of fat loss for each body part including your abdomen,” continued Dr. JP.

Doctors at Hudson Medical additionally use body fat testing before surgery to serve as a marker to determine if patients have gotten back the lost lean muscle mass, from the muscle being inactive.

Walking a patient through the process of recovery post-surgery, with the aid of a DXA scan is important to Hudson Medical. Soon after a procedure, patients can be scheduled to work with a physical therapist, a thorough completion of the process all through Hudson Medical.

“Here you get the opportunity to get body fat tested,” continued Dr. JP. “And with any questions you have, you can have discussions with the Hudson Wellness staff including myself, a board certified sports medicine physician, and nutritionist, Preeti Pusalkar.”

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