Five Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Five Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Do some of you get the pre-holiday scaries when you think of all the food and beverages you are going to consume? You are not alone…we’ve all been there. However, as long as you can get back on track the next day, indulging one day really isn’t a problem – especially if you have a healthy relationship with food and eat a well-balanced diet the rest of the year. 

Manage these “Five S’s of the Season” and stay in shape this holiday:

SLEEP: No matter what your schedule this holiday season focus on getting at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. This helps with managing your carbohydrate cravings the next day and keeps your binges during the holidays at a minimum.

STRESS: Holidays can be stressful too sometimes,for many different reasons, so try to manage your stress with things like calming teas, essential oils, yoga, meditation or whatever else floats your boat! This will prevent you from eating emotionally and binging on the wrong foods too.

STRENGTH TRAINING: Continue some sort of exercise regimen that includes strength training or weight bearing exercise. This will help in maintaining muscle mass and improve your metabolism overall.

SPIRITS: Yes enjoy the occasional glass of bubbly, but if you really want to look good in those holiday pictures then maybe you want to go easy on binge drinking this season. Try to have no more than 4 drinks a week (and stay away from those sugary cocktails).

SALT: We often don’t realize how much high sodium foods actually affect bloat. So pick foods that are not store bought but prepared fresh and made with love at home.

Looking for some more nutritional tips? Learn more from our Nutritionist & Functional Medicine expert, Preeti Pusalkar, CNS.

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