DEXA Scans at Hudson Medical + Wellness

DEXA Scans at Hudson Medical + Wellness

Traditionally, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans have been used to measure bone mineral density in individuals at risk of osteoporosis. New advances in imaging technology have enabled DEXA scans to be utilized as an imaging technique for body composition measurements. The DEXA scan uses low dose x-rays to produce highly precise bone density and body composition images and metrics. At Hudson Medical, we use the DEXA scan technology to meet the individualized needs of all our patients. From weight loss management to osteoporosis risk assessments, we are committed to incorporating the most cutting-edge medical technology into all of our services. The Horizon DXA System, manufactured by Hologic, is just that – groundbreaking in its field. By delivering nearly-perfect image precision that has revolutionized densitometric technology, The Horizon DXA System is the best body composition technology on the market. We use the DEXA scan reports from our Horizon DXA System to elevate medical evaluations and to design individualized plans for a broad set of patients. 


The Body Composition DEXA scan allows for the highly precise measurement of fat mass, lean mass, and bone mineral mass which is advantageous to a wide array of clinical applications ranging from athletic training modification to weight loss management. The DEXA scan is appropriate for the average person who is curious about their body composition, for athletes trying to measure the effectiveness of their training or optimizing their body composition, or for individuals beginning their weight loss journey. The DEXA scan report we provide can help individuals understand how athletic training, nutrition and other interventions affect their overall body composition and can enable them to fine-tune their approach to their goals. If used incrementally, DEXA scans can highlight changes in body composition to depict a more accurate assessment of interventions on fat and muscle content. 


The Bone Density DEXA scan measures bone mass density, a critical metric in the evaluation, diagnosis and risk assessment of bone-related health conditions such as osteoporosis. At-risk individuals include elderly women, individuals with arthritis, and individuals undergoing prolonged glucocorticoid treatment.  DEXA scan bone density measurements can serve as both a predictive and preventative measure for these at-risk individuals.

The DEXA machine is the most accurate body composition scanner available, proving to be an extremely useful assessment tool for individuals trying to modify their health-related behaviors. Further, by providing an in-depth analysis of important metabolic metrics, the DEXA scan report equips our physicians with the information necessary to offer individualized medical care to meet our patients needs.

To learn more about whether a DEXA scan is ideal for you, make an appointment with one of our providers at Hudson Wellness. Our team at Hudson Wellness has extensive experience with this unique service and can discuss its benefits in greater detail during your appointment.

Contact us today at 646-882-6278 to schedule a consultation or request a consultation online. Our wellness providers remain on standby to answer your questions about our many wellness services.

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